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Art is about expressing yourself; giving yourself the freedom to endless possibilities. To create something unique, beautiful, and one of a kind. Everyone always says "do what you love". Well that for me is creating works of abstract art. My typical use of medium is acrylic paint on canvas. However I experiment with many different types of materials to paint on; as well as different types of mediums.I could go on and on about what I paint and love to create, but we all know we love to see things, and view the creations, more than just reading about it. So, go ahead and take a look through my artwork! I also do take requests! Anything you like, and can imagine, just give me a shout. Thank you for your support; and lets share the love for art around the world!   


This page is called Ariel's Fine Arts because my well known nickname is Ariel. For my love of mermaids and bright red hair! Born and raised in Wisconsin. I was "self-taught" creating all of the artwork I do. I get asked a lot if I went to school, or attended painting classes, but the answer is no. I pick up a paint brush, and create the images that come to me! If you have any more questions; never hesitate to send me a message. 



You can follow along with my daily life and creations on my Facebook page. Like and follow along to participate in giveaways!

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